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No, nothing to do with Land Rovers I'm afraid!

Rebuilding a Land Rover from the ground up is a project which is not to be taken lightly. There were times when I wished I'd never started! But the end result has been worthwhile. I also took the opportunity to implement some improvements whilst renovating all the various bits.

Trying to get the sections to "flow" has been a challenge; I think the best way to present the information in a useable format is by having three main sections.

  • "Dismantling" - obviously taking bits off
  • "Renovating" - cleaning and repairing the bits which have been removed
  • "Reassembly" - putting things back together and hoping they fit.

Having sections like this means some tasks are covered in all three sections. So don't forget you can always use the search box below if you're looking for something specific.

So how did this website come about? Well, I used to own a 1979 Series III 109 Land Rover, and much as I enjoyed driving it, I really longed for a V8 110. I found a 1983 model on Ebay and was the successful bidder. I then sold my 109, and had room in my garage to commence restoring the 110.

Here she is before work started, having survived 10 previous careful owners:


And here's the end result:


From past experience, I was aware of the importance of keeping a photographic record when dismantling and renovating something - despite having a comprehensive parts diagram and workshop manual. As a result, this site has a considerable number of photos, depicting the dismantling, renovating, and reassembly processes. I started off with an ordinary Sony Cybershot DSC-72; but half-way through the rebuild it died, so the remaining photographs were taken with my wife's Nikon D-80 - and a very nice camera it is too!

This entire rebuild was done single-handedly, with the exception of the rear body. I enlisted the aid of a friend in carrying the rear tub out of the garage. My wife then assisted in manoeuvring the rear tub for stripping and painting, and then moving the renovated rear tub back into the garage, this time with the aid of an office chair on castors!

Have a look around - you can use the navigation menu above or the sitemap below. I hope you enjoy your visit - you may even find some sections useful for your own project!

Oh and by the way, there used to be a Facebook comment box at the bottom of each page, some of which garnered comments. However Facebook was constantly changing things, so a lot of the comments went missing. I have now (2021) re-designed the entire site, making it https-friendly - and at the same time implemented a new comments system using Disqus.

Table of Contents:

Roof Removal
Seatbase Removal
Rear Body Removal
Wiring Loom Removal
Bulkhead Removal
Transmission Brake Removal
Petrol Tank Removal
Drop Arm Removal
Steering Column Removal
Front Axle Removal
Rear Axle Removal
Hints and Tips
Paint Stripping
Rust Removal
Suspension Bush Removal
Useful Extra Tools
110 Badge
Bulkhead Removal Bar
Bulkhead Repair
Chassis Renovation
Dashboard Renovation
Diff Lock
Footwell Replacement
Front Axle Renovation
Front Suspension and Steering Renovation
Fuse Box Upgrade
LT95 Gearbox
Handbrake Renovation
Hard Top Renovation
Heater Renovation
Indicator Switch Modification
Instrument Panel Renovation
LED Instrument Lighting
Mud and Rust Traps
Outrigger Replacement
Painting - Part 1: Introduction
Painting - Part 2: HVLP Sprayer
Painting - Part 3: Results
Petrol Tank Renovation
Propshafts and Universal Joints
Rear Axle Renovation
Rear Body Renovation
Rear Crossmember Replacement
Rear Suspension
Seatbase Renovation
Side Lockers
Starting Handle
Suspension Bush Removal
Wheels Renovation
Wiring Harness
Bulkhead Alignment and Doors
Central Cubby Box
Engine - Part 1 : Oil Change
Engine - Part 2 : Kenlowe Fans
Engine - Part 3 : Carburettors
Engine - Part 4 : Water Pump
Front Axle
Front Wing Reassembly
Fuel Tank Replacement
Garmin GPS Installation
Heater Installation
Instrument Panel
Pivlock Spare Wheel Carrier
Rear Axle
Rear Suspension
Rear Tub Replacement
Roof and Roofrack
Stainless Steel Exhaust
Swivel Housing
Tree Sliders
Windows and Door Glass
The End Result

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