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Steering Removal

Once the bulkhead was off, it was time to separate the steering column so that renovation of the bulkhead could be carried out. Now of course you need to bear in mind that there's no need to remove the bulkhead just to remove the steering column!

In order to remove the steering wheel, first the shroud has to be removed; this is held on by one screw underneath. The centre nut can then be loosened. It's important not to remove the nut completely at this stage, because a puller needs to be used - and if the nut is removed completely the steering wheel will whack you in the face when it comes off suddenly. I fabricated a puller using a short length of steel:

Steering wheel puller

With the steering wheel removed, the bolts attaching the lower end to the engine side of the bulkhead were removed, followed by the mounting bracket holding the upper part of the steering column. It was then a simple matter of withdrawing the entire steering column from the bulkhead.

The bearings seemed a little worse for wear, especially the lower one, so I tried several bearing stockists to see if a new one could be obtained (the Land Rover parts manual shows the entire steering column as one unit, and I didn't want to replace the whole thing!)

It's a plain ball bearing with an internal diameter of 22mm, outside diameter of 36mm, and 10mm wide. The lettering (the little of it which was still legible) was "INA W Germany 22x3...". Unfortunately no-one could assist, so I ended up cleaning it thoroughly and re-packing it with new grease.

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