Once the chassis had been renovated, reassembly started, with bits being inspected, cleaned, and then put back into place. Even with a large garage, I didn't have the room to renovate every single part first and then assemble everything later!

Note: Items are listed here in alphabetical order for ease of use; it doesn't mean I reassembled them in this order!


Bulkhead Alignment and Doors

Central Cubby Box



Engine - Part 1 : Oil Change

Engine - Part 2 : Kenlowe Fans

Engine - Part 3 : Carburettors

Engine - Part 4 : Water Pump

Front Axle

Front Wings

Fuel Tank Replacement

Garmin GPS Installation

Heater Installation

Instrument Panel

Pivlock Spare Wheel Carrier

Rear Axle

Rear Suspension

Rear Tub Replacement

Roof and Roofrack

Stainless Steel Exhaust

Swivel Housing

Tree Sliders

Windows and Door Glass

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