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Seat Base Removal

Obviously before the seat base can be removed, the seats have to come off! Each seat frame is held on by eight small bolts.

Removing the three locker cover plates enables much easier access to these bolts. Of course, even with the application of some WD-40 the night before, some bolts on each seatbase sheared off when they were removed.

Once the seats have been removed, the gearbox tunnel covers and floor panels should come off, in order to allow access to the bolts attaching the seatbase to the chassis; there's one each side of the gearbox tunnel. Obviously the tool locker (under the driver's seat) and the battery compartment (under the passenger seat) should be emptied as well.

Passenger seat base

With the seats off, the eight small bolts attaching the seatbase to the rear body can be removed. These are not in an exposed position so they came out fairly easily.

The handbrake and diff lock brackets are attached to the seatbase, so these brackets need to be removed as well.

Seats removed

With the seat base removed from the vehicle, the two floor struts connecting the bottom of the bulkhead to the seatbase were taken off. This resulted in easier access to the inner side of the bulkhead so that the dashboard could be removed.

Floor panel struts removed

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