This website describes how I rebuilt my Land Rover 110.
It's not a recommendation on how to fix yours!
In other words, I accept no responsibility if you drop a Land Rover on your foot.

About this website

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Health and Safety Information

  1. Use your common sense.
  2. If you're going to be welding, remove your watch. Welding spatter loves to attach itself to metal watch bands.
  3. Something that you've just finished welding is going to be hot. Gloves are your friends.
  4. When angle grinding, be aware of where the sparks are going. Did you know window glass can rust? Well it's not actually the glass, it's all those tiny metal fragments.
  5. When using a wire brush on an angle grinder, wear eye protection. Wear hearing protection. And if you're removing rust and paint, wear a proper respirator mask - those cheap disposable felt masks are not suitable equipment. I've tried them.
  6. On the subject of eye protection, don't remove your goggles until your eyes no longer need protecting. Here's why (and yes, that is my site as well).
  7. When painting, make sure the area is well-ventilated. If you're spray-painting, cover anything that you don't want to be painted. Trust me.
  8. Hi-Lift jacks are extremely useful. They are also highly unstable. Use a trolley jack as well. Just in case.
  9. If you intend working underneath your landy, put some safety glasses on!
    Mine were a bit dusty and scratched, so I didn't bother. I slid underneath with the tin of Unidox primer and started painting - splat! A big dollop of the stuff landed in my eye. Now Unidox is a very good paint; the trouble is, it's not meant to be applied to the eyes. I shot out from under the Land Rover like a bullet and made a beeline for the kitchen sink, by which time my eyelashes had been glued together (did I mention Unidox was fast-drying?) There then followed an interesting 15 minutes with the ingredients: Soap, lots of water, the other half's eye make-up remover, paint thinners, more soap, some eyedrops, more make-up remover, more water...

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Now go and do some work on your Land Rover.

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