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Swivel Housing

The swivel housing contains a lower swivel bearing, and an upper Railko bush. Adjustment is needed here in order to make sure the steering is neither too tight nor too loose.

I used a Spring Balance from my fishing toolkit to set the swivel bearing preload - a pull of between 8-10 lb is ideal. (The preload is adjusted by adding or removing shims from the top swivel pin).

Front hub reassembled

The axle was then moved under the chassis, and using some ropes was lifted off the mechanic's creeper, then lowered onto an axle stand and trolley jack. I found that the bolts for the lower spring retainer and plate did not go in smoothly, so cleaned up the threads with a tap.

Cleaning bolt threads

With new springs fitted, the De Carbon shock absorbers were then installed into the new tubular turrets:

New road springs

Finally the front radius arms were installed (together with new Polybushes), and the brake calipers fitted.

New front suspension      Front axle refitted

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