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LT95 Gearbox

The LT95 gearbox was originally developed for the Range Rover and the V8-powered Land Rover 101. It's a 4-speed box with integral transfer case, although the gearbox and transfer case do have separate oil reservoirs.

Speaking of oil, it's somewhat unusual. Unlike the normal Series gearbox, the LT95 takes engine oil (and so does the transfer case). EP90 must not be used in these.

The LT95 has a central differential which powers both axles at the same time. The disadvantage of the LT95 is that it only has 4 speeds, but the compensation for this is that it is one of the strongest gearboxes available. (And the installation of an overdrive can give an additional "gear").

As I had not experienced any issues with it (not even an oil leak) I did not consider it necessary for any dismantling to take place. The following photos show where the gearbox mounts are located:

Gearbox mount LHS      Gearbox mount RHS

Whilst the chassis was being renovated, the gearbox mounts had been removed and the gearbox supported on a trolley jack. I took advantage of this position to give the outside a good clean. Using a large plastic sheet I suspended this under the chassis, sloping down at the front into an old baking tray.

LT95 gearbox      Cleaning gearbox

Gearbox dipstick plug

If you have a look directly above the end of the toothbrush handle you will see a wooden plug in the top of the gearbox. Solihull did not manufacture LT95 gearboxes with wooden plugs, so it's evident something is missing - it's the gearbox oil level dipstick.

A previous owner had also found that the filler plug was hard to remove, because the head had rounded off. A chisel had then been used to both loosen and tighten the plug. A new filler plug was ordered.

Gearbox filler plug

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