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Rear Body Installation

To the utter delight of my long-suffering wife (who wasn't happy with the Land Rover rear body being upside down in the courtyard and finally compromised by attempting to camouflage it with flower pots), the rear body was finally ready to be reinstalled onto the rolling chassis.

I first pushed the rolling chassis out of the garage, and then using an office chair on castors, rolled the rear tub into place. It was then lifted onto two trestles...

Rear tub renovated on trestles

...before being raised and suspended by means of two ropes - one at the front end and one at the back. The ropes were then tied off...

Rear tub ready for installation

...and the chassis was then rolled back into place. The rear tub was then gently lowered onto the chassis and bolted into place. Finally the 110 was starting to take shape!

I had painted the inside of the rear tub with a paint called Protectakote Load Bed paint. Well, in my view, it's not really a paint, because it has the consistency of glue. Protectakote is basically a paint which has rubber particles embedded in it, and is reputed to leave a hard-wearing, long-lasting, non-slip surface. I followed the instructions regarding applying it with a roller, but in the end worked out a better method. I found that by using the roller I was leaving the rubber particles behind in the paint tray. So don't use the supplied roller - instead, get an old paintbrush (preferably one you were about to throw away because you forgot to clean it, leaving dried paint at the base of the bristles), and use that to stipple the load bed paint onto the surface, making sure you pick up a mixture of rubber particles and paint rather than paint on its own. You can get it in various colours; I chose the dark red which you can see in the next photo. The curved thing in the rear tub is one of the front mudguards; this also had a protective layer of Protectakote applied in order to both protect the inner mudguard and quieten any road noise.

Protectakote load bed paint dark red

With the rear tub in place, the sides could be reinstalled - but before doing this I once again moved the roof back into the garage and suspended it from the rafters. I didn't bother repainting the inside of the side panels because I intend to use the 110 more as a pick-up than a hard top.

Hard top sides installed

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