I did start by making a list. Of course, this list became longer as the work progressed. As I took parts off, and the original vehicle started to disappear, more faults were discovered, and more improvements implemented. But the original list was as follows:

  • A new rear crossmember
  • Repair several patches of rust on the chassis
  • New shock absorbers
  • Engine service
  • New exhaust
  • Front swivel seals leaking
  • and of course the repainting! Quasi-military striping is so not me!

So, first things first. I decided to start at the top and work my way down.

Roof Removal

Seatbase Removal

Rear Body Removal

Wiring Loom Removal

Bulkhead Removal

Transmission Brake Removal

Petrol Tank Removal

Drop Arm Removal

Steering Column Removal

Front Axle Removal

Rear Axle Removal

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