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Front Axle Removal

In order to remove the front axle, I initially used two sets of axle stands; one to support the chassis, and the other for the axle. Firstly I removed the front prop shaft. Then the brake hoses were disconnected.

Using a trolley jack under the axle, I removed the offside front wheel, then lowered the axle onto an axle stand before repeating the process for the other front wheel. I then used my hi-lift jack under the front bumper in order to lift the entire front end so that axle stands could be inserted to support the chassis. You will need axle stands with quite a decent height! (I had to use wooden blocks underneath them in order to obtain the correct distance from the ground). Once the chassis was supported, I removed the track rod in order to get the radius arms off. I noticed that the track rod was not as straight as it once was; yet another thing to add to the shopping list!

Bent track rod

The steering damper and steering box were then removed.

Once again using the trolley jack, I supported the axle, and then by lowering each end in turn, removed the shock absorbers and road springs.

The next photo shows another use for a mechanic's creeper. (For the uninitiated this is a low trolley on castors which you can lie down on, slide underneath a vehicle so you are hidden from sight, and then have a quick 40 winks). I used ropes to lower the axle onto the creeper, supporting it on the old road springs. Be warned; the front axle is HEAVY!

Axle resting on creeper trolley

The axle was then wheeled to the back of the garage for renovation.

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