The easiest way to carry out renovating is obviously when the parts you need to renovate are no longer attached to the Land Rover!

So in the links below I detail the parts I replaced and repaired. Although most items are available for purchase from various Land Rover dealers or online parts suppliers, in some cases I was reluctant to pay their prices - so I actually manufactured some parts myself.

It's been tricky trying to decide whether a particular job belonged to the "renovating" category, or whether it would be a better fit under "reassembly". Some items appear in both. But don't forget you can always use the "Site Search" feature on the home page if you're looking for a particular item!

110 Badge

Bulkhead Removal Bar

Bulkhead Repair

Chassis Renovation

Dashboard Renovation

Diff Lock

Footwell Replacement

Front Axle Renovation

Front Suspension and Steering Renovation

Fuse Box Upgrade

LT95 Gearbox

Handbrake Renovation

Hard Top Renovation

Heater Renovation

Indicator Switch Modification

Instrument Panel Renovation

LED Instrument Lighting

Mud and Rust Traps

Outrigger Replacement

Painting - Part 1: Introduction

Painting - Part 2: HVLP Sprayer

Painting - Part 3: Results

Petrol Tank Renovation

Propshafts and Universal Joints

Rear Axle Renovation

Rear Body Renovation

Rear Crossmember Replacement

Rear Suspension

Seatbase Renovation

Side Lockers

Starting Handle

Suspension Bush Removal

Wheels Renovation

Wiring Harness

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