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Dashboard Reassembly

With the bulkhead back on the vehicle, I decided to fit the dashboard to get it out of the way. When I say dashboard, I'm referring to both the upper panel running across below the windscreen, and also the lower padded box section which also functions as the heater duct.

Firstly I re-fitted the air vents together with the levers. The upper dashboard frame was then installed. I then examined it carefully, and realised that I had not refitted the wiper motor. After several minutes of struggling, I realised it should have been fitted before installing the upper dash. So, once again, the dashboard was removed.

Finally with the wiper motor in place, together with the linkage to the wipers themselves, the dashboard was once again in the right position.

Upper Dashboard

The wiring from the fuse box was carefully fed through into the upper dashboard tray, and led towards the instrument panel housing. Unfortunately despite doing this carefully, when I refitted the lower dashboard I managed to trap some wiring between the lower dash and the bulkhead. I discovered this when I found the lower dashboard would not quite line up properly. Fortunately the wires weren't damaged.

The steering wheel and top rail were then reinstalled.

Completed Dashboard

The wiring of the instrument panel is covered in another section.

By way of comparison, here's what it looked like originally:

Old dashboard

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