Vehicle Spray Painting - Results

Here are some photos as the painting progressed. (Hover your mouse pointer over the image for more details)


Bulkhead spraypainted      Bulkhead inside spraypainted

Doors, Bonnet and Windscreen

Bonnet before painting      Bonnet stripped      Bonnet primed

Doors before painting      Doors primed      Doors painted

Painted drivers' door      Rear door primed

Rear Body

Paintwork before stripping      Cobweb in filler hole      Rear body primed

Front side of rear body primed      Rear body base coat

Front side of rear body basecoat      Rear body and seatbase painted      Rear body finished


Roof stripped      Roof painted in Alpine White


Wings and other panels stripped      Passenger wing stripped

Offside wing      Passenger wing      Wings primed

Inner mudguard      Wings painted      Wing reassembled

Other Panels

Basecoat on other panels      Basecoat on remaining panels

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